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A Place To Call Home

Everyone’s welcome here. We built our world-class training space to provide people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities with a friendly, supportive, and inclusive place to work on their health and fitness while having fun.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a grandparent, an office worker, an athlete, or someone in a physically demanding profession. You’ll surely find everything you need to take your fitness to the next level here at CrossFit Aldermaston.

The Tools To Get Results

Our gym has close to 3,500 square feet of usable open space with enough kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, Concept2 rowers, and Assault AirBikes for everyone—even on our busiest days!

And at the center of it all is our pride and joy: the monstrous 49-foot BeaverFit Rig and its 30 pullup stations, 10 squat racks, 16 wall ball targets, numerous sets of gymnastic rings, and eight competition-height climbing ropes.

Couple all this with our tailored workouts and classes and you’ve got everything you need to work on your fitness goals whatever your current level is.

Why You’ll Love Training Here

Tailored Programs

We’re always happy to tailor our programs to better suit your goals and needs.

Functional Training

We train you to be strong out in the real world, not just in the gym.

Expert Coaching

All our coaches are fully certified so you’re guaranteed to get world-class training every session.

Top-Notch Equipment

We only use the best equipment around to ensure you have safe and effective workouts every single time.

Massive Training Space

You’ll never have to worry about coming in and not finding space to work out. We have enough room for everyone.

Something For Everyone

Our huge selection of programs and classes ensures you can choose something that best suits your needs.


We change our workouts up all the time so there’s always something new for you to look out for.

Friendly Community

Workout with a community of people who are always happy to help and cheer you on.

Holistic Approach To Fitness

Aside from your training, we’ll also help you get your diet and recovery right so you can reach your goals faster.

Say Hello To The CrossFit Aldermaston Team

Training Coaches Aldermaston

Alex Hawes

Alex has over 8 years experience as a CrossFit trainer and holds a number of certifications including CrossFit Level 2, British Weightlifting Level 2, CF Gymnastics, CF Football, CF Striking, CF Strongman. Alex has a background in Combat Sports and discovered CrossFit in 2009 when looking for something to supplement his boxing training.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Helen Waters

Helen discovered CrossFit in 2012 after being told to join by her Touch Rugby Coach in preparation for the upcoming Touch European Championships. She was hooked and became a CrossFit coach shortly after. Helen is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and holds a number of other certifications including British Weightlifting Level 1, CF Gymnastics, CF Kids, CF Strongman.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Andy Craig

Head Coach
Andy was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 after already studying personal training and sports
massage. He was hooked and started coaching very shortly after. Andy’s history stems from athletics
and rugby with some time also playing Australian rules football. Andy loves coaching all CrossFit
movements and specialises in strength training and corrective exercise. Andy also holds a number of
certifications including CrossFit Level 2, CF Gymnastics, BWLA Lvl2, rowing, nutrition, kettlebells, CF
football and kids.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Lewis Dent

Lewis has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years and started CrossFit in 2017 having practice functional movements and training in commercial gym. As soon as he stepped through the door he knew it was for him and has never looked back. Lewis joined the next available CrossFit Level 1 course and has been a big part of CrossFit Aldermaston ever since.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Jules Morjaria

Jules has been in CrossFit for over 12 years competing and coaching, specialising in Gymnastics and
Strength Training. Jules holds many certifications including CrossFit Level 1, Olympic Lifting, BWLA,
Gymnastics, Rowing, Pre / postnatal training and Nutrition
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Chris Holland

Chris has been playing competitive county sports all his life and complimented it with lifting weights, obstacle races and general physical preparedness. He found CrossFit in 2013 and instantly he knew this was the sport and training lifestyle for him. 3 years later, became a CF-L1 trainer to coach at CrossFit Aldermaston and has enjoyed every moment of coaching since.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Simon Bloomfield

Simon is a Physical Education Teacher and soon to be Osteopath (May 2020). He is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and has been coaching since 2016. Simon runs a clinic sports injury clinic focusing on the structure/function ethos. He played Basketball to National League standard and now enjoys Rowing, Climbing and Golf.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Marius Hardiman

Weightlifting Coach
Marius has over 20 years experience coaching national and international Weightlifters holding the British Weightlifting Level 2 certification. He got involved with CrossFit in 2013 and has been delivering focussed Weightlifting sessions. With a vast experience of strength training from 11 to 60+ years, all levels from absolute beginner to experienced. Specialist in periodisation for strength training. Marius also has over 5 years experience in Youth Weightlifting development and runs one of the top youth team in the UK.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Seth Roose

Weightlifting Coach
Seth played county level (Berkshire) rugby union from a young age. He discovered CrossFit in 2010 when looking for something to supplement his training. Through CrossFit Seth found weightlifting and competed in the UK Under 23s Weightlifting Championship in Glasgow in 2013 where he place 3rd overall in his category and also competed as part of the Oxford Powersports Lifting League team under Coach Marius Hardiman. Seth provides programming and trains athletes to compete in National and International Weightlifting competitions. Seth holds the BWL (British Weightlifting) Level 1 in Assistant Coach Award, BWL Level 2 Club Coach Award and Level 2 Technical Official Certificate.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Sylvia Wolfer

Sylvia is a personal trainer, Pilates and CrossFit L1 instructor. She believes in a holistic approach of mental and physical well-being. She loves the functionality, variety and sense of community of CrossFit.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Emma Russell

Emma had very little background in sport and fitness and discovered CrossFit through her husband when getting fit for their wedding. She is now a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and loves being part of the community and competing alongside friends.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Jeannie Ivanov

Jeannie began CrossFit in 2017 after a long (amateur) career in rugby union and football. She holds a CrossFit level 2 certification and has a particular love of coaching the gymnastics elements of the sport. She is also a qualified rugby coach.
Training Coaches Aldermaston

Charlotte Crawford

Charlotte found CrossFit in early 2018. She has her CrossFit level 1 and is an intern coach at Aldermaston CrossFit. She loves the community, and the fun and supportive atmosphere. She has a rowing background and moved to CrossFit for more variety.