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Before children I had a reasonable level of fitness as I had run the London marathon. But nothing had grab me and made me want to train everyday. After two stress fractures in my ankle I didn’t recover too well as I had my 3 children at that point and did very little. I started touch rugby when my youngest was about 18months but then suffered from plantar fasciitis which led me to having injections etc. So I started at CrossFit when still injured but wanting to do something. My husband and 2 of my children were already doing CrossFit and I was able to take my 3 year old with me while I trained. Everything was scalable and my fitness has massively improved too. Today I ran 800m 3 times in a WOD the most I have done since my foot injury. I have also lost over a stone in weight. And am the fittest I have ever been. Despite some set backs I always want to go to the box. I’ve never had that before.

Karen Swan

CrossFit Aldermaston is a brilliant training environment, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches and a friendly fun group of members. I’d never tried CrossFit before visiting CFA but can happily say all of the stereotypes I was expecting do not exist here! The CFA team offer a positive environment to work your body and mind, tailored to your individual ability, that is above all else, fun!

Ben Fleming

I found CrossFit Aldermaston online after doing some ‘crossfit’ style workouts at my other gym. I went along for a taster session where I was made to feel completely welcome by every member in that class. I then signed up for a monthly membership and was hooked. Great facility with such a great community around it. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Craig Inskip

After finally plucking up the courage to attend a taster class thinking that CrossFit was only for the super fit it’s fair to say my fears were totally unfounded. CFA is a community of people who have done nothing but encourage, motivate, support and inspire me. As a result I’m the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been. I totally love everything about this place and can’t recommend it enough!

Sally Russell

Just over a year ago I was looking for a CrossFit gym and found CFA online and loved the fact that they had British Weightlifting coaches along side the CrossFit. Since joining I have found some great coaches, supportive class mates, have made some good friends and even completed a competition! I can’t wait to see what this year is like.

Mark Bindefeld

My son started CrossFit kids a couple of years ago, he loved it so my husband and I both joined and we now love it. It’s very addictive due to the diverse WODs, every day is different, expert coaches, who also make the sessions fun and a great bunch of very lovely members…… I feel fitter and stronger than ever before and would highly recommend CFA to anyone, regardless of current fitness level, it really is for everyone……

Georgina Erlam

This is the most sociable gym I have ever been a member of. The community is incredibly motivating and supportive as we all work through the workouts together.
The coaches attention to details to make sure members move correctly is brilliant.
Equally, the coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and are always able to regress/scale the exercise to make sure everyone gets a fantastic workout if needed.

Anna-Victoria Fear

CFA is a really friendly environment with great coaches who make sure the sessions work for everyone. They are always happy to give options to suit all fitness levels, meaning everyone gets a great workout. The coaches are also very patient, a year on and I still struggle to remember all the lifts, but they are always happy to take time to run through them with me. I personally love the combination of strengthening and cardio and that every session is different. No opportunity to get bored! The main issue is that CF it’s highly addictive- be warned!

Crystal Barnes